Welcome to ZetaChain Governance Forum! πŸ‘‹

ZetaChain Governance Forum

This forum is dedicated to fostering open and productive discussions around potential governance proposals on ZetaChain.

:thought_balloon: Propose and discuss: This forum is your platform to propose new ideas and engage in constructive dialogue about potential governance proposals.

:speaking_head: Gather feedback: Share your thoughts on proposed changes and get valuable feedback from the ZetaChain community before submitting your proposal on-chain for formal voting.

:handshake: Collaborate and learn: Connect with other community members, share knowledge, and collaborate on shaping the future of ZetaChain through well-informed governance.

Please note:

:warning: This forum is exclusively for discussions related to governance proposals.

:rotating_light: Each governance proposal should be discussed in a separate topic. Before creating a new topic, please use the search function to ensure a discussion for your proposal doesn’t already exist.

:speech_balloon: Before submitting a formal proposal on-chain, it is strongly encouraged to engage in discussions and gather feedback here first.

Before replying or starting new topics, please review the Community Guidelines.